The University of Southampton

Is the eFolio and completion of the skills and competencies log important? Do I have to do it?

Yes you do! The eFolio is an essential component of your undergraduate training; it is not optional and you must complete it satisfactorily in order to be able to graduate. The eFolio provides a  record of your evidence of completion of the 32 skills and competencies. Because these are a GMC requirement for all medical students prior to graduation, the eFolio will be assessed.

There are many advantages of an online eportfolio:

1. The eFolio introduces you to an electronic portfolio which will be a key element to demonstrate  your Foundation Programme learning outcomes after graduation. As a Foundation doctor, you will be obliged to keep your on-line learning portfolio up-to-date, so it is vital to get into the habit of keeping evidence of competencies you have achieved as you go along. Doing it all at the last minute will reflect badly on you and your time management skills, and your evidence is likely to be of  poorer quality.

2. The eFolio is a safe and accessible place to store evidence to demonstrate your achievements; this includes the competencies, completed Assessment of Clinical Competence (ACC) forms, and  certificates from courses you have attended etc. You may also wish to keep your own paper copies; any paperwork handed into the Student Office such as End of Attachments Forms, ACCs etc cannot be returned later for you to upload – you must do it as you go along.

3. You will be able to retain access to it after completing your training; this is important as many hospitals require documentation to confirm that you have achieved these competencies at the start of Foundation Training. By working steadily to attain these during your undergraduate years, you will give yourself the best possible start to your Foundation jobs.

Ultimately, the e-Folio has been set up to support your progress towards achievement of all the essential skills and competencies and your completion of it is obligatory in order for you to graduate.