The University of Southampton

What about my Personal Performance Development Review (PPDR)?

As part of professional development, The Faculty of Medicine requires students to complete their annual Personal Performance Development Review (PPDR), this is for all students in all years excluding Final year. PPDRs will take place annually; you need to allow sufficient time to arrange it with your personal tutor, and when it has been completed you need to sign that off in the eFolio so we have a record. During Final Year a form of PPDR will be undertaken during your attachments via your Educational Supervisor.

The PPDR is confidential between each student and their Personal Tutor, and The Faculty only needs to know that it has happened. If you change your Personal Tutor it is your decision whether you wish to make them aware of the outcomes of earlier PPDRs.  Failure to complete PPDR will generate a “notice of concern” letter from the Associate Dean for Education, and might, if repeated, generate Fitness to Practice investigation on the grounds that this is a professional requirement.

The PPDR meeting should be focused on personal development and helping each student to achieve their full potential. It is a good opportunity to review eFolio progress and ensure that skills and competences are being gained as expected. The PPDR is a two-way process between the student and his/her Personal Tutor.

The PPDR pro forma will be made available to you nearer to the time. You should prepare the reflection section before you meet your tutor and then you will have an opportunity to discuss things that have gone well and things that have not gone so well. This PPDR is not an assessment but an opportunity for you to find out how your tutor feels you are doing, to plan your strategy for the future and identify areas where you might need help. After the meeting you will need to take the notification slip (which must be signed by you and your tutor) to The Faculty Office to confirm that the process has taken place.