The University of Southampton

What competences do I need to get signed off? And what should I upload as evidence?

The section for uploading evidence is available so that sheets can be attached where relevant/necessary. At the present time, you should use the Learning Portfolios for each of your attachments. Some of these are self ratings which will demonstrate your learning curve as you progress from beginner/novice to experienced. Self assessment is useful because it is important to develop a sense of your own abilities and limitations. Working independantly as a doctors, it is vital that you know what you can and can’t do, and when to ask for help. Other skills are on a sign off basis, for example, Obs and Gynae.

For each clinical attachment, you can find information, documentation sheets, sign-off forms etc in the clinical attachment learning portfolios as per below:

All the Final Year sign off sheets are online in the various clinical attachment learning portfolios:

You may find that you don’t have documentary evidence for some skills or competences. However, we ask you to make a statement that you attended, for example, a clinical skills session, and we will spot check some randomly selected students to cross check with attendance registers taken at those sessions. We need you to be honest as fledgling doctors, so if you have not been we will take a dim view.