The University of Southampton

What if I don’t have all the details listed for the sign-off (eg no NMC/GMC registration number etc)?

It is preferable to have the registration number where possible, but because we have not put this on the form for this year we will not penalise you if that information is not there. Thanks to those of you who have fed back to us regarding this; the form has been amended for next year. All doctors will know their GMC numbers and it is likely that nurses will know their NMC number too. However, HCAs don’t have a registration number so if it is an HCA who has signed you off, we should have name and location so we could track them if we needed to. If the nurse does not have a NMC number to hand, name, grade/job title, and location (Ward and Trust) should suffice.

It will not be necessary to be re-assessed for any competencies in which you have already been signed off; you may submit these forms. For any future sign-offs, it would be helpful to collect all the information wherever possible. The brief commentaries/explanations/reflections that you are asked to provide for each competence also will help to evidence your experience. When we look at portfolios, it is quite obvious to us which students have done things and those who really have not.