The University of Southampton

What should I do if I am struggling to gain experience in some skills (eg Blood Transfusions, Suturing, etc)

We are aware that some skills seem to be more difficult to gain experience in than others. Using Blood Transfusions as an example, we also know that around 20,000 blood transfusions take place at Southampton General Hospital each year; other hospitals are likely to give proportionately

similar numbers. Generally speaking, the opportunities are there; you may need to be more pro-active to achieve certain skills compared to others. If you are still finding it difficult to gain experience:

1. Firstly, speak to the clinical supervisor of your attachment and ask if they might be able to help you find out when and where transfusions are taking place. Blood Transfusions are most likely to be encountered in Medicine, Surgery and SSUs in the ED and ITU; they also take place in Theatres, and also sometimes in the Ambulatory Care or Day Wards for patients who come in as day admissions.

2. Secondly, if your personal tutor is a clinician, it may also be helpful to speak to them, to see if they are able to help you with opportunities in particular skills and competencies.

3. Lastly, if despite being pro-active and trying the above you are still struggling, let the eFolio team know before Jan 2014 so that we can help signpost.