The University of Southampton

What sign-off forms are required by the Assessments Team and what sign-off sheets need to be uploaded to eFolio?

The sign off forms that the Assessments Team require (as well as your ACCs and end of attachment forms) are Arterial Blood Sampling, Clinical Pharmacology and therapeutics, Venepuncture, Catheterisation, CPR and Musculo-skeletal Medicine. We have received a number of queries about ILS and CPR; please see the email sent by Exams Team on the 8th of January.

Within the 32 GMC competency requirements, Venepuncture – 2.4 and Catheterisation – 2.22 sign off sheets need to be uploaded both to your eFolio and handed into either the Student Office or Exams Team. The remaining 30 GMC competencies need to be uploaded to your eFolio, but not handed in to the Faculty.