The University of Southampton

Why do I need to use eFolio to complete my skills and competencies?

Prior to the eFolio, students recorded skills logs in paper format; these are still part of many of the Learning Portfolios for each attachment. The eFolio list of skills and competencies have been agreed by the GMC as being necessary for doctors at the start of their Foundation Training. The advantages of the eFolio are that you will be able to retain access to it after completing your training in case you need to provide evidence of competency. You must have completed and demonstrated achievement of all competencies prior to graduation. Failure to do so is likely to prevent you being able to commence work in the Foundation programme.

The e-Folio has been set up to support your progress towards achievement of all the essential skills and competencies which feed directly into the competencies that you are expected to achieve by the completion of the Foundation programme, so it is a learning continuum. As a Foundation doctor, you will be obliged to keep an on-line learning portfolio so it is important to get into the habit of keeping evidence of competencies you have achieved and attendance at courses and the like. The eFolio is the ideal place to keep this evidence; though you may also want to keep paper copies of documents, for example, completed ACC assessment forms, and other certificates.