The University of Southampton

Q. How do I create time slots that participants can book themselves on?

Time slots are connected to your experiments, so to be able to set up timeslots you must first create a project, and then an experiment under that project, this is simple to do from your research dashboard and is explained here.   Your project will need to be set as available during the dates you want to advertise your timeslots.

Once you have created an experiment you can then create your time slots. To create a new timeslot:

1. Go to your research admin dashboard ( and click the ‘Time Slots’ link next to one of your experiment names. This takes you to a page that lists any time slots already created for the experiment, and allows you to create new slots.

2. Click the ‘Add New Slot’ button. Here you can enter the time and location details for your time slot, and set the maximum number of allowed sign-ups for this slot. Additionally you can create multiple slots in one go over a time range, that will all have a common location (say if you have a room all day and want to run sessions throughout the day), and maximum participation per slot.

Once created you will see your slot in the timeslots list, along with details of when it’s running and how many people have so far signed up. You can create as many time slots as you need for each experiment, just remember that once someone has signed up to a particular slot, then you cannot remove it and are committed to running the slot!

For a complete description of the time slot creation page please see the Reference Guide.