The University of Southampton

Q. How do I limit participation to my specific target audience?

There’s two ways:

1. Set project requirements

You can set a range of requirements of your participants including the year of study, faculty/dept they belong to, age range, gender, and ethnicity. Once set these requirements will apply to all experiments within the project. Users will not see your projects listed if they do not meet the requirements set here and cannot sign up to them.

Go to your research home page and click ‘Add Requirements’ under the project title to set up the project requirements.

More info: Reference Guide – Setting Project Requirements

2. Set experiment exclusions

Exclusions allow you to specify other experiments (not necessarily yours) that you want to have either been completed beforehand, or that would exclude a participant from taking part in your experiment.

Go to your research home page and click ‘Add Exclusions’ next to the experiment title to set up required and excluded experiments.

More info: Reference Guide – Setting Experiment Exclusions