The University of Southampton

Projects – Admins

Adding / Removing Project Admins

If you are running a project as a group then you’ll likely want all of the group members to have admin status on the project. Once you have created a project you can use this page to add your group members as administrators. Once they have been added they will see the project on their admin home page as well, and will have access to all the same admin features for the project (including adding further admins).

From the Research admin home page ( click the ‘Edit Administrators’ link underneath the name of the project that you wish to modify.

Add another admin This search box allows you to search for users by surname or username, any matches are displayed in a popup box, click the name of the user you want to add as an admin. The user will be added to the list of admins and will now be able to administer the project.
Remove an admin Click the ‘Remove’ button in the row of the user you wish to remove.