The University of Southampton

Time Slots

Experiment Time Slots

From the Research admin home page ( click the ‘Time Slots’ link next to the experiment you wish to edit. Here you can view the status and current participant counts on all the slots you have created, edit and create new time slots.

Create Time Slots

Slot Date Click on the field and choose the start date and time for the slot.
Slot Duration Use the drop downs to set the slot duration
Students per Slot This is the maximum number of participants who can sign up to this slot.
Slot Location The location that the experiment will take place.
Multiple Time Slots Use this checkbox to activate the multiple slot booking feature, this allows you to book a range of slots, either on the same day, or weekly recurring, as described below.
Same day / Recurring

Use this drop down to specify whether you want to create a range of slots on the same day, or a recurring weekly slot. For slots on the same day then you must specify a separation time. Then either specify the number of slots to create, OR set the desired end time of the last slot.

For recurring Weekly slots you only need enter the number of slots you wish to create. These will be at the same time each week.

Separation Time For slots on the same day, you must specify a separation time. This is the down-time between your experiment runs, make sure to allow yourself enough time to re-set anything and get participants in and out.
Number of Slots The number of time slots you wish to create (this is optional when creating same-day slots).
End Time For slots on the same day, to use this setting make sure ‘Number of Slots’ is blank. ‘End time’ is the latest possible finish time of the last slot of the day. The created slots will be spaced by your chosen separation time, and won’t exceed the end time.