Day 3


Cloudy all day. Heavy rain first thing stopped us disembarking from the minibus.

Once it eased we hastened round to the cathedral keen to crack on with our survey. We stuck with our roles from yesterday since it was easier for Fiona and Sophie to continue from where they left off. Lunchtime came just as we finished the main parts of the cathedral.  The other parts will require us to survey in a new station from which to take our survey points.  I ought to say that as a team we now have a pretty slick survey operation in place using walkie talkies and a variety of waves and gestures.

After lunch we had our first taste of building survey and of work in the inner bailey.  The building survey is also based on points taken using a total station. Instead of the point information on easting, northing and elevation being stored on the total station, the total station is linked directly to a laptop.  As data is captured it appears as a 2D or 3D image in the autocad imaging software. The benefit of this is an immediate awareness of the effectiveness of the survey and any issues which arise due to operator error or technical glitch. We had none of the latter…

image (1) image

Spot the difference – Fiona indicates two separate points during our buildings survey

We worked it as a three person operation – one on total station, one assisting the operator to identify the points to be surveyed and one managing the software on the laptop.

Note to self: don’t save the data mid-line!

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