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Researching MOOCs

The FutureLearn Academic Network (FLAN) Special Issue of the Journal of Interactive Media in Education (JIME) edited by Rebecca Ferguson, Eileen Scanlon and myself is out now and openly available online. It begins with an overview of all the work on MOOCs that has been published by FutureLearn UK partners. There are also papers on MOOC accessibility, adapting a MOOC for research, MOOCs for professional development, and the social-technical construction of MOOCs.

Nic Fair and myself will be presenting our plans for integrating research and education via MOOCs at the upcoming FLAN event at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona. Our latest MOOC, Learning in the Network Age, goes live in April. It brings together campus-based students and FutureLearners from around the world. More details can be found in the slides and video below:

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