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Integrating MOOCs into University Modules

This week I’ll be presenting our work which has incorporated two of our MOOCs as revision aids within a university module¬† at the “What Works in Assessment and Feedback: Simply Better” conference at the University of Southampton. And next week we will present a paper based on this project at a conference at the University of Naples –¬† “Digital Universities in the MOOC Era: Redesigning Higher Education”

I’ll update this post with feedback and photos after these events.

One thought on “Integrating MOOCs into University Modules

  1. This was a useful and succinct way for me to understand, what and how you are planning to improve courses by integration of MOOCs into courses.

    I think two things stand out for me:

    first, and most importantly from your results so far, that it would confirm my experience, that every learner is different, and that providing choice (but also insisting that something novel is tried (MOOC in this case))but must essentially increase interaction between the learners – so they help each other learn, is more likely to be effective than a narrow range of teaching and learning methods, which only suit some of them;

    secondly MOOC’s can provide opportunities not previously available for this enhanced interaction, but active management by tutors with a sound understanding of the very complex process of ‘learning’ is critical for the medium term success of including MOOCs in academic courses.

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