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Co-creation presentation by Digichamps at Social Media in HE Conference #SocMedHE16

Recently I presented with Student Digital Champions Tom Rowledge and Tom Davidson at the Social Media in Higher Education Conference held in Sheffield Hallam University. Actually, the two Toms did most of the work discussing their extended input to our Students as Creators and Change Agents (SACACA) project.

You can watch the Periscope recording, read their detailed blogpost about the event, or check out the slides below:

It was great to receive a number of appreciative tweets from the audience, despite our talk being scheduled in the dreaded  “after lunch slot” 🙂


Preliminary Analysis of Official Student Feedback Statements for ‘Living and Working on the Web’ module

A preliminary analysis, using content and sentiment analysis methods, of student feedback statements can be found in the latest of our interactive graphics below.

The feedback was given in the official end-of-module online feedback forms for 3 courses run during 2014-15 and 2015-16 (not just 2014-15 as shown in the graphic). It is likely that these comments may be a more reliable assessment of the course than using statements from the reflective writing which forms a significant part of the course as it does not form part of the summative assessment process.

The analysis indicates that students were positive towards key module aspects such as digital literacy development, student engagement, the pedagogical approach (especially Authenticity) and the feedback process.

On the other hand, the neutral and negative statements were mainly concerned with the module structure, in particular the weighting between the blog topics and the final reflective post, and the desire for help/training with IT tools.