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Modlets Project

The Modlets project is run by George Attard and Lisa Harris. It is funded by the Education Enhancement Fund (EEF) and supported by a team of Student Digital Champions (Digichamps)

Project Team Meeting
Project Team Meeting

Currently the learning experience in Southampton is shaped by students taking full modules on a given topic. Modlets seek to enrich this experience by providing topic overviews that are accessible to a wide audience and that do not entail a full module’s commitment in terms of student engagement. Modlets are conceived as short standalone online courses that provide a diverse and low risk addition to our educational portfolio. They will serve to make detailed discipline-centred topics, knowledge, scholarship or academic endeavour accessible to a wide audience and will provide a versatile tool for highlighting how our teaching aligns to societal needs and concerns in a range of interdisciplinary areas. They provide additional value to proactive students without complicating established programme structures or requiring onerous approval processes. Strategically, they will be one of the tools that will support new styles of degree programmes that are designed to better respond to the changing needs and expectations of students than current degree programme paradigms.

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