The University of Southampton

Am I right for the course?


Applicants need to show those qualities of personality, presentation, confidence, and sensitivity required to be a teacher. They also need to show an awareness of the current educational process and a knowledge of the work of schools.

Teaching is a challenging and rewarding profession; teaching CS&IT is a very good way in which we can enhance the lives of young people.

Candidates will normally have had recent experience of a secondary school CS&IT classroom.

You do not need a degree or A-Level in computer science in order to apply to the course. However, applicants must have significant computing skills, training, and experience. Many degrees have components that require knowledge and skills associated with CS&IT.

Trainees without a traditional computing degree are accepted on the programme providing that they have the appropriate experience, expertise, and motivation. You must have skills in all ‘office’ software (in particular database management and spreadsheets), ability to create and publish web pages, and programming/scripting experience at some level. This might include writing macros/VBA and/or using high-level programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, etc.

The interviews are designed to help us identify candidates with secure and appropriate subject knowledge, professional awareness and attitude, and suitable personal qualities.

Entry to any initial teacher training programme requires the applicant to have passed the literacy and numeracy professional skills test.