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What is the subject knowledge enhancement?


Enquiries should be sent to Application from trainees at universities other than Southampton are welcome.

Our SKE programme in Computer Science is a programme for graduates who need to develop a greater depth of subject understanding prior to training for qualified teacher status. We have specifically developed our 12-week programme of face-to-face, online, and in-school activities to equip you with the necessary skills and subject knowledge to teach the computer science elements of Computing across the 11-18 age range. The course runs from mid-May to mid-August with 12 days of face-to-face teaching (one each week) and additional directed activities to be completed outside of class.

This subject knowledge enhancement course will focus upon the skills related to programming and the embedding of the computer science concepts. Whilst there is no specific A-level or degree subject requirement for admission to the course the attendees will need to acquire a breadth of knowledge of the GCE/GCSE Computing curriculum through reading and exploration of the relevant websites. Indicative content includes computational thinking and abstraction, algorithms, pseudocode, flowcharts, programming with Python and Scratch, inside the computer and Von Neumann architecture, networks, logic gates and truth tables, binary mathematics and binary/decimal/hexadecimal manipulation.

For 2020, the provisional SKE timetable for face-to-face sessions is as follows:


14 May

Induction; Computational thinking; Algorithms; Scratch


21 May

Intro to Python; Subroutines


28 May

Half-term week; no class, but you will be assigned a project to work on during the week


04 June

Lists; Microprocessor; von Neumann


11 June

File I/O; 2-D lists; Numbers


18 June

Strings; Images; Sound; Compression; Encryption


25 June

Debugging; Storing data; Security


02 July

Python mini-project; Digital and Boolean logic


09 July

Project; Storage devices; Network security


16 July

Project; Cybersecurity


23 July

Project; Operating systems; Language translators


30 July

Project; Legal and ethical


06 August

Assessment GCSE papers; Java