The University of Southampton

Why Southampton Education School?

Southampton Education School has:

  • a long established record of delivering high quality Initial Teacher Education
  • a strong Partnership with local schools and colleges
  • experienced, well-qualified course tutors
  • a reputation for training high quality teachers
  • world class facilities to support research and develop pedagogical understanding

Support at University:

  • Every trainee teacher is entitled to a range of experiences in the Partnership that enables them to demonstrate achievement in relation to all the Teachers’ Standards or the Professional Standards (May 2014) for FE
  • You will have your own personal tutor at the University (known as a Curriculum/Professional Tutor)
  • Your Curriculum/Professional Tutor will visit you in school each term to observe your teaching and support your training (there are similar arrangements for FE)

Learning at University:

  • A programme of training days in the University with your Subject Tutor.
  • University based days will include a mixture of subject specific and generic themed work.
  • Guidance on the completion of the 3 Masters Level assignments and marking of the same by University Tutors.
  • Research-led teaching and the opportunity to work in a linked theory-practice environment.