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Escape Coronavirus – Virtual Escape Room

This Virtual Escape Room is an online version of an ‘escape room’ themed engagement lesson for school students to understand more about the public health messages we are all being advised to follow to reduce the spread of the coronavirus infection. Have a go to find out how hand washing, social distancing, testing and isolating can help reduce the ‘R number’ and help to keep our communities safer. 

You will all know how Escape Rooms work –you are ‘locked’ in a room and you have to work as a team to solve the clues and puzzles that you find in order to escape. This virtual escape room is a little different.


You will see below different images representing 8 different activities.
You don’t need to complete the escape room in one go, you can leave it after an activity and re-join later.

Each image has a 5 digit code below it.
If you click on each code, you will be taken to a website called ‘NEARPOD’
For each activity enter the 5 digit code into the ‘lesson code’ box and you will be taken to the ‘room’ for that activity.


In each room there are a series of puzzles to solve. In some rooms you may need to click a link which takes you out of the room to complete the puzzle. Once you have completed the puzzle just go back into the NEARPOD website. As you complete some puzzles, a pdf file may open in a separate window – just go back into Nearpod when you have completed the task.

The puzzles are hosted in an app called Nearpod.
If you are using a PC or laptop we would recommend using Chrome or Firefox as your browser.
If you are using a tablet or phone we would recommend downloading the free app to use.

Nearpod App

App Store

Google Play Store

Enter the ‘rooms’ by clicking on the activity codes below