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Play your part in the planet’s future health

The link between our environment and our health is something that LifeLab has always been invested in.

Along with our core immersive experience in our labs where young people get the chance to discover their own health and what lifestyle choices they can make to improve it, we have been increasing looking at how environmental factors impact outcomes too.cultivate

One of the projects we have recently been developing has been in conjunction with colleagues across the University of Southampton, plant biologist, Dr Mark Chapman and health physiologist, Dr Lucy Green.

The Cultivate project was all about making connections and examining research around plants and human health and how we can impact the quality of our environment through the choices we make.

Working with young people from Thornden School we were developing a module around a hands-on learning experience exploring that relationship and how by making the right choices now, the future health of ourselves and our planet can benefit for generations to come.

We are now excited to be running a live event tied in with this project where we will be hosting a session online with our panel of experts.

Mark and Lucy will be joined by our very own Dr Kathryn Woods-Townsend to explain the research they are involved in and answer any questions the audience may have in relation to their work.

The CULTIVATE! Live Event: plants, climate change and lifelong health event is suitable for an audience of 12 years and over ,and participants can post questions in the chat facility during the online session.

It is not too late to register for the event that takes place on July 8 from 3pm to 4pm.

If you can’t make it but would still like your questions answered, send them into and we can cover them during the session and feed them back to you.

To be a part of the event, register here.

Log in half an hour prior to the event. The web live link will be sent after you’ve registered.