Fall in Humboldt

It’s November and time for another year abroad update! Last time I talked a bit about the build up to Halloween so I’m starting this post where I left off.

First of all, I did not dress up for Halloween. I know, I’m disappointed with myself as well. But, I did go to a pumpkin patch and picked out the perfect pumpkin for my dorm, and afterwards I had pumpkin pie for the first time with a cup of warm apple cider. Autumn (or Fall, to use American terminology) has officially arrived! I ended up promoting the film festival on campus in the morning and got to spend Halloween watching everyone else walk past wearing their costumes to class, including the teachers… they definitely go all out here when it comes to Halloween!



^ The moment I found the perfect pumpkin.


Named ‘Humperdink the Pumperdink’ after we watched The Princess Bride as a dorm together, our pumpkin fits in with the other spooky themed things in the dorm!


Although I did miss bonfire night and watching fireworks in the cold, I had interesting time explaining Guy Fawkes night to my American and some of my international friends. Why do we celebrate the capture of someone and then burn a replica of them on a bonfire? I didn’t really have a very good answer to that one and I had a moment of seeing just how weird some of our own traditions really are!

I’m still being kept quite busy with all of my class work here and I have played in a couple of concerts recently, including the first Humboldt Symphony concert of the semester, which went well, and a solo recital that I had to perform in to go along with my cello lessons. It was slightly terrifying but I’m really glad I got the opportunity to perform a solo piece, the first time I’ve done this in four years!


Break for more mountain photos…


I had a chance to go on a camp in the mountains a few weeks ago. To get there we drove through Redding again, where I tried to capture the amazing sunset behind the mountains we had just come from!


^ In this picture you can really see the damage that the Carr fire has done to the landscape (The mountains should be filled with healthy green trees). All of these burnt trees are only a few minutes away from the city of Redding and are at the centre of where the Carr fire was burning in August.


My uni life here does feel like is calming down a little bit now though as we’re finally getting some holiday time! This Monday is Veteran’s day, which is basically a bank holiday, and next week we have a whole week off for the fall break (with Thanksgiving coming up in the middle of it)! I am so excited for this week as I am lucky enough to be visiting my friend who lives in Vancouver, and then I’ll be travelling back down and spending time in Seattle and Portland! After quite a few weeks of ‘normal’ uni life and less exploring I can’t wait to go on this adventure and get the opportunity for some solo travel which will be a new experience for me. Stay tuned as my next blog post will hopefully be a big update on what I get up to over the week!



Last week I went to watch Bohemian Rhapsody with a few friends in a really cool cinema in town called the Minor Theatre (which is meant to be one of the oldest cinemas in the US).  We had a great time watching a great film and it was good to experience a bit of English culture out here!