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NCCPE Schools Engagement Training

Thanks so much for coming to our Schools Engagement Training Session!

Here the links used in the session:

  1. Starter activity – Bug Power!
  2. Researcher aims/motivation (Vevox) – the result of these have been downloaded and added to the Jamboards which have been sent to the workshop organisers (NCCPE)
  3.  School reasons to engage (Google Jamboard and Diamond 9break-out-group-jamboard-background) – These have been downloaded and shared with the workshop organisers (NCCPE)
  4. Workshop Planning Templatetalk-to-us-workshop-planning-template
  5. Building School-University Partnerships Guide Book – Partnership Planning Template
    1. Online version
    2. Page 3 of the Guide Book (pdf version7006-university-school-partnership-booklet-v8


And finally…Some other resources you might find useful!

Plickers – the tool that Steve mentioned right at the end of the session!

Our Digital Library of online resources co-created by teachers and researchers – the look of the library is current being upgraded but all the content is still available, and this link will always direct you to the most up-to-date version:

12 online quiz tools – alternatives to Vevox – as used by teachers! Gemma particularly recommends Kahoot!

More about the 5 minute lesson plan – the teachers’ handy tool our Workshop Planning Template is based on.

The NCCPE School-University Partnership Initiative (SUPI) project which led to all of this being possible! In particular check out the SUPI Lessons booklet and the Perspectives on Partnership (PoP) Tool.

Today’s session was adapted from our half-day training session, Engaging with Schools. Read the open access Research For All paper on the how we put it together and what we learnt about partnership working along the way!

And of course, don’t forget to read & explore the rest of our world-recognised Building School-University Partnerships Guide Book! Explore the online version (which is being updated along with the Digital Library) or the pdf (most up to date version so far) above.


For more information about the session and any of the above, contact Jess (School-University Partnership Officer) & her amazing team of students that make up the School-University Partnership Team on