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Extra Resources

Not all of our resources have a home yet – so those that don’t can live here!

They will be from a range of subject areas and for a range of ages – so keep checking back as we update this ‘lucky dip’ of fun, educational things to do!

History A-Level Podcast – The Russian Revolution

Dr. George Gilbert has re-created his popular talk for A-Level students as five 10-15 minute podcast episodes, taking you from Russia in the late 19th Century up to 1917. (The last episode is split into two parts.)

George says, “The Russian Revolution is quite arguably the seminal revolutionary event of the entire twentieth century. This short talk will explore the long and short term causes surrounding the revolution, its placement in early twentieth century Russia’s longer-term epoch of conflict and violence, and briefly touch on some of its outcomes.”

Episode 1: Social and Economic Change


Episode 2: Rise of Political Radicalism


Episode 3: 1905


Episode 4: WW1, 1914-1917


Episode 5: 1917

Part 1


Part 2


John Hansard Gallery – Digital exhibitions 

JHG has just has kicked-off their new online presence with two new digital artworks by UK artist David Blandy, specially commissioned to reflect on the uncertain times we find ourselves in.

These new ‘tutorials’ show the audience How to Fly and How to Live, indirectly referencing our present moment, while also pointing to new potentials.
The first of two new videos, How to Fly, is available to stream throughout May, with the second, How to Live, showing throughout June at


Philosophy A-Level Podcast – Epistemology Interviews