The University of Southampton

Secondary and FE

Currently, there are 8 websites aimed at secondary schools, including A-level students and teachers, and further education.


Hospital Heist (out now!)

  • Resources enabling schools to run a full day of activities for KS2/KS3 students.
  • Covers fingerprinting, document analysis, ballistics, and fibre analysis.
  • Teachers can find lesson plans, resources, slides, and more.
  • Students can find fun interactive activities, and some basic information about the key topics.


Discover Neuroscience (out now!)

  • A page covering neuroscience projects, EPQ advice, lessons, and more.
  • Teachers can find lesson resources, worksheets, where to source specimens, and SO much more.
  • Students can access a comprehensive EPQ guide, project ideas, and information about UoS.
  • Features UoS’ own Changing Minds project merging neuroscience and fashion! (so cool!)


Discover Oceanography (out now!)

  • Information for teachers and students available.
  • Teachers can find teaching resources and classroom activities.
  • Students can find pages explaining different areas of oceanography.
  • Includes fun activities such as quizzes, drag and drop exercised, and even sudoku to test knowledge.
  • Links to the main Discover Oceanography website which explains more about the boat trips offered.


Southampton English Podcasts (page available online)

  • Includes a series of podcasts discussing key English texts.
  • Created to aid GCSE and A-level students in their studies.
  • Information regarding previous and ongoing research projects, as well as details about further education in English can be found elsewhere on the website.


Philosophy Café Podcasts (page available online)

  • Philosophy Café ran from 2009-2014 to provide philosophical stimulation in a relaxed atmosphere
  • All events were recorded and are now available on the archive page in the form of podcasts
  • Information about exciting ways people can get involved with Philosophy, including 6th form Philosophy conferences, can be found elsewhere on the website


History Outreach (website available online)

  • Resources provided by the history department at the University of Southampton, from over 40 scholars
  • Information about a large range of teaching and research topics, including several specialist topics
  • Lectures, UCAS support, podcasts, and work booklets can be found, assisting both teachers and students


Discover Electrochemistry (in progress)

  • Website educating people about electrochemistry through exciting videos.
  • Features information about interesting and novel projects/research.
  • Information included on how to study electrochemistry after school.


Education in the green space (out now!)

  • Has an EIGS guidebook that aims to help teachers take the classroom outside into the green space.
  • Teachers can find worksheets to use that fit in with the National curriculum both for primary and secondary.
  • Additional help and support for teachers in other areas to make it as easy as possible to take the classroom outside.

Discover Photonics (coming soon)

  • More information to follow.