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Costs and Funding

You will need to consider every aspect of your planned activity and any associated costs. Having sufficient funding to cover the costs incurred by schools as a result of participation in your activity, particularly travel and staff cover, is a further incentive for them to take part. If you need to apply for specific funding to support your partnership or activity contact your Public Engagement with Research unit or equivalent body e.g. in Staff Development or Research and Innovation Services (for Southampton contacts see the Useful links and contacts section). Below are some typical items that incur costs to consider.


University Schools
Item Cost Source Item Cost Source
Time/staffing Time/staffing
Venue hire Cover
Consumables General support (e.g. other teachers, teaching assistants, parent helpers)
Catering Travel
General support (student ambassadors etc.) Other
Other (DBS etc.)

‘Their (the pupils’) gels were very good…some were better than first year undergraduates.’

Genetics researcher

Year 9 pupils load electrophoresis gels with different genetic samples at LifeLab.

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