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School Recruitment

You may wish to consider:

  • Which schools are appropriate or will most benefit from a particular activity will vary depending on the purpose (see Intended Outcome) of your activity
  • Distance — will there be any travel issues
  • Age range and key stage (see National Curriculum Links, Appendix 2 and Glossary)
  • Ability, for example, Gifted and Talented (see Glossary)
  • Do you have a Widening Participation remit?
  • Are you working within a particular subject specialism?
  • Do you have a target group of pupils you want to work with? For example: pupil premium, boys, girls, SEN — see Glossary)

Remember: (as mentioned previously in Date):

  • Timing — there are times in the academic year that it is almost impossible to get pupils and teachers out of school, for example exam season. Equally there are times that work really well but these may differ from year to year.
  • The school calendar — schools will generally need at least 6-10 weeks notice to bring pupils out of school to visit the university; many schools set their calendar a year in advance so it may be necessary to plan the timing of regular activities well in advance.

School pupils complete a number of activities led by Chemistry PhD students based on their areas of study.


‘I was surprised (at how well I did) as I’m not good at Science.’

Pupil on Chemistry

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