Postgraduate prospectus

I’m absolutely that I’ll be featuring in the ‘Our People’ section of the 2020 Postgraduate prospectus.

It’s not available yet, but here’s a sneak peak at the page.


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University of Zaragoza International Week


This was my second trip to the University of Zaragoza for their international week. The University of Zaragoza’s third international week welcomed academics from across Europe and from as far as Mexico to experience teaching at their university and the highlights of the city.



My session was based upon Dealing with Dilemmas, which explored strategies for dealing with personal and business dilemmas. The session utilised the ICAEW’s Without Question film which I have used extensively at Southampton.


The trip was great fun and the University of Zaragoza were fantastic hosts, but a significant amount was learnt from observing other academics at work and from our discussions (which often went on late into the evening).dinner

 It was great to catch up with people from my first trip to Zaragoza as well as meeting several new academics, some of whom I have managed to catch up with since.



I‘m looking forward to my next opportunity to teach overseas which will be at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands in September.