The University of Southampton

    eFolio for staff

    eFolio can be used by any member of staff at the University.
    Some of its features are listed below.

    tutor_dashboard_iconTutor dashboard

    If you have undergraduate or postgraduate tutees and this information is held correctly in banner you will be able to see a complete list, along with mugshots, modules and grades in your tutor dashboard.

    You will also be able to view this information on any student on any module that you teach.

    wordpress_iconDeliver your module content externally using eFolio and wordpress

    Blackboard is the preferred tool for delivering your module content. However, if you want to easily make your content available externally to showcase keynote lectures and interactive content you can create a ‘module profile’ website at the touch a a button.

    You can embed videos, mp3, images, slideshows, quizzes and much more – and choose to make it available to world, to people enrolled at the University or to specific individuals.

    Click here to view an example of a module being delivered this way

    skills_iconSkills and Competencies

    The skills and competencies application within eFolio  can be used to track student progression or simply get students to self rate themselves on a particular skill set e.g. IT skills.

    The Faculty of Medicine use it to record all students professional skill development.

    Students can attach images, documents etc as evidence of skill competency, and then rate themselves on a bespoke competency scale.

    Staff can create new skill lists and tailored competency scales to suit their needs. A range of reporting tools is available for an overview of specific skills or to view an individual students rating / evidence.

    medal_iconAchievements / badges

    String together a number of skills (see above) to create unique achievements – gamify your module and add a bit fun and competition to your teaching.

    cv_iconA CV tool

    Get your students to create an online CV which you can preview (if they choose) and is based on the current LinkedIn profile fields. This can be exported as a text file to copy and paste into LinkedIn.

    website_iconYour personal website

    You can use eFolio to create your personal website if you wish – this is created in wordpress which is the most popular blog / CMS tool in the world.

    An example of a student portfolio created in wordpress can be found by clicking here.

    yourvoice_icon‘Your Voice’

    Allow your students to give anonymised feedback at any time on any aspect of their module / course. Use this to increase your student feedback evaluation scores.

    sms_iconSend text messages to all students on your module

    If your faculty has enabled it you can quickly and easily text all students who have signed up to received SMS alerts. e.g. ‘This mornings lecture is cancelled.’


    The eFolio registers tool creates a register based on the students in each of your modules.

    Print out a student list for them to sign and hand back, then simply mark off those who have NOT attended.

    Create automatic email rules so tutors, admin staff and head of modules are notified when students miss ‘x’ number of sessions.

    For an informal chat about how you can use eFolio please contact ServiceLine