The University of Southampton

    eFolio for students

    All students have access to the following features

    wordpress_iconA personal ePortfolio

    When you login for the first time a private website is setup for you usingĀ wordpress.

    You can keep this site entirely private if you wish, or you can make it available to everybody. We encourage you to create a portfolio which can be a great help in finding employment and will improve your professional web profile considerably.

    Click here to see a demo of what you could do

    pen_iconA private journal

    If you don’t want to initially make an ePortfolio you could use your website for private blogging during your time here (and beyond!). This journal is tied to your user account and not to any module so you will retain the use of this throughout your time at the University.

    When you graduate you can still access and continue to add journal entries if you have created an eFolio alumni account.

    modules_iconModule overview

    You can use the eFolio ‘quick search’ to view information about any module in your department. This may help inform you when making choices about modules in your 2nd and 3rd years. You can also view all modules you are currently taking along with the grades achieved for previous years.

    tool_iconOther tools

    If your faculty has enabled the features you may also have access to the following:

    • ‘Your Voice’ – give anonymous feedback at any time about any aspect of your course
    • Subscribe to receive important information via text message e.g. This mornings 9am lecture has been cancelled
    • Access all your handbooks online in one searchable place