RMP: Welcome Letter

On behalf of my colleagues it is my pleasure to welcome you to the MSc Programme in Research Methods in the School of Psychology at the University of Southampton. This Masters programme provides advanced training in a variety of research methods and data analytic techniques. The main aim is to equip you to conduct research in your chosen field that is of high quality and impact. In order to promote self-motivated learning we have designed a programme in which you apply the skills you are taught to your own research questions. Therefore, in addition to classroom instruction, you will receive structured support as you develop your research questions, plan and execute the research, analyze the data, and prepare reports describing your findings.

That you have chosen this programme is a testament to your desire to achieve a high level of success in your career. Southampton is one of the top research universities in the United Kingdom, and the research staff in the Academic Unit of Psychology are at the forefront of their respective fields of inquiry. You will receive extensive training and supervision throughout the year. I am sure that you investigated potential programmes carefully before choosing to join us. You are well aware, then, that this is a rigorous programme. We expect a lot from you. And we will provide you with the support and guidance you will need to meet the high standards that we have established. The Master of Science degree that you earn will be well deserved, and the experience and training you receive will benefit you immensely, regardless of your future career path. This Handbook provides you with important information about the programme and we recommend that you read it carefully.

Information in this Handbook is likely to be updated from time to time. I will inform you whenever changes are made and an up-to-date version will always be made available online. If you have any questions about the information in this Handbook, or if you have suggestions for ways in which this can be improved, please let me know.


Yours sincerely,

Dr Hayward Godwin

Director of MSc Programme

Room 4104, Shackleton Building (Building 44)

Note: The Academic Unit of Psychology recognises the potential diversity of its students both at home and internationally and thus this document has been written in accordance with the University’s Equal Opportunities Policy and the Race Relations Amendment Act (2000).

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