The University of Southampton

Doing your bit for climate change

LifeLab has been involved in a new engagement project with colleagues from across the University of Southampton.

Dr Mark Chapman from Biological Sciences in the Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences and Dr Lucy Green from Human Development and Health based at the Institute of Developmental Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine have teamed up with LifeLab to create a hands-on research project for teenagers, with funding from the Public Engagement with Research unit (PERu) at the University of Southampton.

Using the same self-discovery approach that has underpinned the success of LifeLab, the new project is aimed at giving students the space and resources to understand for themselves what impact their health choices could have on climate change. As part of the project Dr Kathryn Woods-Townsend and Claire Colbain, LifeLab’s technical lead, have developed an escape room style activity that aims to engage young people and enhance their learning through a series of tasks and challenges. This activity is being developed for public engagement events. After completing the event, participants have the opportunity to take away action cards that suggests how a small change in behaviour can add up to a big impact. Here are some examples below:


1                                   2


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