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Redesign our team of warriors so they can support healthier communities

Our COVID-19 Warriors did an amazing job helping primary school children learn about how to protect themselves and others from the spread of coronavirus.

Their superpowers, special tools and supported lessons, created with the help of children, made a big difference in helping to keep schools and communities safer. The warriors supported young people in understanding the science behind the health messages and why we were being asked to adopt different behaviours.

Some of the original designs
Some of the original designs

As we now look towards living with the virus, we need to think about how the warriors can help with supporting how we can be healthier and do more to protect ourselves against a range of conditions and illnesses.

In the same way young people helped design the original warriors, we need your help to reinvent the team so they can put new superpowers to good use in our communities.

We want to hear your ideas about how our warriors can promote healthy lifestyles and choices. That could be things like exercising more, making better food choices or ways we can help care for our mental health.

This is a challenge for creative young people in primary schools who can bring our new warriors to life – and there are PRIZES up for grabs!

Successful designers will win a box of goodies for their class that will make learning about how we can protect ourselves from viruses fun.

Download and fill in the design sheet below with your ideas of what the warriors could look like, what their superpowers are and even what their new names could be. You could redesign one of the characters or the whole team – see where your ideas take you!

Can you give our warriors a makeover?
Can you give our warriors a makeover?

Download the design sheet here

Once you are happy with your creations, submit the completed form to

We look forward to seeing your designs.