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Session Length

Session length Advantages To consider…
Short session Fits into a lesson/assembly slot or minimises the length of time pupils are out of school as well as pressure on facilities. Can be a very effective way of getting a particular message across in a concise way or to introduce a programme of activities. Planning for a short session can help consolidate thinking about what it is that needs to be achieved. Some schools will be reluctant to complete paperwork required to bring pupils out for a short session.
Whole day event Allows a programme that can cover a variety of related topics and include differing types of activity. Produces the feeling of a university experience. Enables the building of a scenario from low engagement introduction to in-depth research activity. Do you really need a whole day? Is there a danger of dead time or time-filling activities? Intensive planning needed especially if accommodating large numbers from different schools or using researchers from different Faculties. Schools may need to leave mid-afternoon so you will not have a whole working day.


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