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Additional Resources

There are many other YouTube clips out there which may help to supplement and consolidate some of your ward-based clinical learning. Central Manchester University Hospitals have some good ones. Where possible, try and choose ones from educational establishments, although some of the more ‘home-made’ student ones may well have some value too. I have attached some suggestions which you may wish to have a look at.

 1. Preparing IV Antibiotics (ie Administering IV drugs)

Central Manchester University Hospitals

Others from this organisation include


Urinary catheters


Hip, knee, UL, LL neuro exam


Antenatal exam

Pelvic exam


 2. Manchester Medical School and Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

 3. OSCEUmbrella – videos by UK graduate entry student

simlar range to above

4. Taking Blood Cultures

 5. Blood Transfusion

6. Nutritional Assessment “”&HYPERLINK “”feature=related

 7. Moving and Handling