The University of Southampton

What competences do I need to demonstrate proficiency in?

The 32 competencies stipulated by the GMC are listed under the ‘Skills / Competencies’ section of the eFolio. For each of these, you need to provide evidence of competence (see below) this includes uploaded evidence such as sign-off sheets, certificates, etc and a description of the experience you have gained in this skill. Prior to the eFolio, students recorded skills logs in paper format; you will use some of these as part of the Learning Portfolios for attachments in both Third and Final Years. In Final Year, you can find information for each clinical attachment, documentation, sign-off forms etc in the clinical attachment Learning Portfolios at the link below:

In Year 3, you will attend Clinical Skills sessions and have sign-off pages in your logbooks for this. Make sure that you sign the register for every session that you attend, as well as getting your logbooks signed.