Special considerations

The University has a well established process for the consideration of exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances arise outside of your reasonable control and prevent you from either demonstrating or acquiring the skills, knowledge or competencies required to meet the learning outcomes associated with a module or programme of study. These circumstances may have a negative effect on your performance for example in coursework or examinations, or your ability to meet a deadline, or to sit an examination.

To submit a request for Special Considerations you are required to complete a copy of the Special Considerations Request Form and submit it together with supporting documentation to the Student Office (psyc-studentoffice@soton.ac.uk) and to Psychology PG Student Support (psy-support-pg@soton.ac.uk).  The Special Considerations Board will consider your circumstances and make recommendations to the Board of Examiners who will normally ratify these recommendations.

For more guidance on special considerations including examples of circumstances likely to be accepted/rejected and examples of evidence required please see the University’s official Special Considerations Guidance.

If you have any questions about the special considerations process, or need additional academic or pastoral support as a result of your exceptional circumstances, please do contact the Psychology PG Student Support team (psy-support-pg@soton.ac.uk).