The University of Southampton

Q. I have project partners, how do I make a group project?

There are 2 steps:

1. Create a project

Only one of you needs to create a project, log in and go to the research administrator home page. Click the ‘Add Project’ button to create one. The minimum you must provide is a project title, and start and end date.

More info: Reference Guide – Creating a Project

2. Add administrators

Once created, the project creator can then add any other users to the project as admins. Once added they will have all the same rights as the creator (eg. they can add/edit experiments and time slots etc.), and will see the project on their research home page when they log in. Click the ‘Edit Administrators’ link under the project title and search for your group members by surname, username, or student ID. Click the name of the user you wish to add in the search results.

More info: Reference Guide – Adding Project Admins