The University of Southampton

eFolio Upgrade Weds 17th Sept

Please note that eFolio may be unavailable at times between 8am – 9am on Weds 17th September while we upgrade the system.

We are implementing several new features, as well as upgrading the wordpress element to v 4.0. If you have any questions or concerns please email

A full list of features is described below

New Features

1. WordPress upgrade to v 4.o.

For more information on this watch the video!

2. LinkedIn Integration


You can now integrate your linkedin profile with your eFolio profile. This allows you to display your LinkedIn CV / profile in your wordpress ePortfolio, or request feedback from your personal tutor about your CV.

3. Graduation Pack

This new feature aimed at graduating students allows them to create a personalised PDF download that highlights all their accomplishments during their time at the University.

You can choose from a selection of styles, embed your LinkedIn CV, list your modules and grades, assignments, skills and competencies and other achievements.

4. Other tweaks / changes

  • For staff, if you are using the skills and competencies application for skills audit, you can now choose to hide the ‘percent complete’ graph from students, as this is not applicable in this situation
  • We’ve implemented a new PGCE wordpress theme aimed at PGCE students. This includes targets and action plans and weekly reviews. Only use this if you are enrolled on a PGCE course!

If you’d like more information on any of these changes / new features please get in touch.

Alex and the eFolio team.

New features coming Semester 1 2014

There will be a number of exciting new eFolio features available to staff and students from October 2014. There include:

  • LinkedIn Integration
  • Mozilla Open Badges Integration
  • A “Graduation Pack” for graduating students

LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn logo

Students (and staff) will soon be able to tie their LinkedIn account to their eFolio account and display their LinkedIn profile on their ePortfolio or personal blog.

Students will also have the option to request feedback on their LinkedIn profile from their personal tutors.

Because of this new feature we will be retiring the ‘My Resume’ feature from eFolio.

 Mozilla Open Badges Integration


You will soon be able to tie eFolio skills and competencies achievements to an open badge.

Students can then display this badge in their backpack, or as part of their ePortfolio of graduation report pack (see below).

For more information on Open Badges please visit

Graduation Pack


We have streamlined the alumni process and incorporated a ‘Graduation Pack’. This allows students to create a personalised PDF of their time at Southampton, including a list of all modules they took, grades achieved, assignments, their LinkedIn profile and lots more.

For more information on any of the new features mentioned above please contact Alex Furr


eFolio downtime Friday 10th Jan

Please note that eFolio will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour from 8am – 9am on Friday 10th Jan.

This is due to the server being moved to the brand new iSolutions server farm.

Any queries please get in touch!


UG Tutor Dashboard consultation

We’re looking to expand the functionality of the tutor dashboard in the next few months to better enable student tracking, support and PPDRs. This will be similar to the PGRtracker, but for undergraduates.

If you’ve got some ideas of what you would like to see, please get in touch by contacting

A simple list of requirements so far is:

  • Create an a ‘PPDR’ where staff and students can add comments / documents around this meeting
  • Have a private discussion area for tutor / tutees that can be kept for archiving purposes
  • Add the ability to contact a tutee via SMS (if they have signed up to the service)

I’m sure there are other features we can add. Please let us know what you want!

Alex and the Folio team

New eFolio feature for external examiners and admins

We’ve just added a new feature to eFolio called the ‘External Examiners Interface’ which allows admin staff to upload examination material to be reviewed by external examiners.

You can provide external examiners with a username and password (via a serviceline request) which grants them access to download / comment and approve (or not!) your examination material.

It has been successfully used by Psychology for 4 years and we’re now releasing the tool to the rest of the University.

Find the new ‘EEI’ tab in your department admin page.

New features coming over the next few months include:

  • The ability to customise the email sent out to students / staff when students miss a session
  • The ability to create a custom register from a subset of your module students e.g. for different tutor groups
  • A direct interface with the syllabus system so you can edit your module information directly in eFolio, rather than going to
  • A new wordpress plugin for creating an ‘Activity Box’ if you’re using eFolio to present module content
  • A new wordpress plugin that will allow students to present their CV or profile information easily on a wordpress page. That should complete eFolio as a proper ePortfolio tool 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions – keep them coming.

Alex and the eFolio team.

eFolio upgrade Complete

We’ve now completed the eFolio upgrade.

There are some significant under the hood changes that you may not notice at first, but hopefully the single sign on to wordpress will help.

If you notice any anomlies please contact ASAP so we can troubleshoot.

Many thanks for your patience during the upgrade.

Alex, Lisha and the eFolio team