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eFolio downtime Friday 10th Jan

Please note that eFolio will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour from 8am – 9am on Friday 10th Jan.

This is due to the server being moved to the brand new iSolutions server farm.

Any queries please get in touch!


New eFolio Features for December


There are a couple of new features recently released you may be interested in

1. For Staff – printable versions of your student lists

There is not a ‘Print View’ of the students on your modules. (Module admin > Student List). You can choose how many students to display in a grid, and get an ordered by surname list with mugshots.

2. For All – Easy Soundcloud Embed in your blogs

There is a new plugin ‘Soundcloud oEmbed’ plugin available for your blogs, module sites and ePortfolios. If this is activated you can paste the URL of your soundcloud track and it will automatically convert it into the soundcloud player e.g.


UG Tutor Dashboard consultation

We’re looking to expand the functionality of the tutor dashboard in the next few months to better enable student tracking, support and PPDRs. This will be similar to the PGRtracker, but for undergraduates.

If you’ve got some ideas of what you would like to see, please get in touch by contacting

A simple list of requirements so far is:

  • Create an a ‘PPDR’ where staff and students can add comments / documents around this meeting
  • Have a private discussion area for tutor / tutees that can be kept for archiving purposes
  • Add the ability to contact a tutee via SMS (if they have signed up to the service)

I’m sure there are other features we can add. Please let us know what you want!

Alex and the Folio team

Signup for our eFolio event / demo

On November 22nd, CITE will be hosting a lunchtime seminar entitled
‘eFolio – What is it, and how does it fit with the University Southampton Learning Environment vision?’

I will be presenting some new features (an external examiners interface) along with some lesser known applications within the system in the context of what I believe the Southampton Learning Environment (SLE) should aim to be.

I’ll be demonstrating how eFolio is being used currently by a number of faculties to improve employability, identify failing students early, showcase modules externally, provide alumni access to useful information and finally to pull data from a number of sources (eAssignment, banner, syllabus etc) to create a tutor dashboard.

I am hoping for a frank discussion about where we are currently, where we SHOULD be, and what is required to get there.

On: Friday 22 November 12:30-2:00
In: Building 32/3073 (Access Grid Room)

Light lunch will be provided.
All welcome.  Feel free to share this announcement to other mailing lists and colleagues who you think would be interested.

To signup for this free event (and free lunch!) please go to the following website:


New Registers functionality

From Friday 1st November we’re making the registers even better and you will be able to do the following:

1. You can now create ‘custom’ registers based on a subset of your students. This was the most requested new feature and we’re pleased to say it will be available this week.

Very useful for creating registers for individual tutor groups

2. You can also customise the mails that get sent to tutors, students and other individuals if the default email messages are not to your liking. To do this go to your module Registers > Define Absentee Rules and you have a new tab for ‘Customise Emails’

As always, if you have any comments / feedback you’d like to make please get in touch.

Alex and the eFolio team

New wordpress plugins for teaching staff

This week we have released two new plugins for wordpress, that may be of use.

1. Academic Unit Conditional Content.

This lets you display content on your wordpress pages for specific Academic Units or faculties. An example would be if you had a generic page with multiple discipline specific examples. When students login they would ONLY see the content relevant to them

2. Learning Activity Box

Learning Activity Example

If you want to draw students attention to a learning activity on a page, you can make it stand out using this plugin. You have options to change the Activity title, and also (optionally) say ow long the activity will take. It produces a nice object as shown here.



Both plugins can be installed in the usual manner which is Plugins > Activate plugin

If you’d like more information on any of these please get in touch

New eFolio feature for external examiners and admins

We’ve just added a new feature to eFolio called the ‘External Examiners Interface’ which allows admin staff to upload examination material to be reviewed by external examiners.

You can provide external examiners with a username and password (via a serviceline request) which grants them access to download / comment and approve (or not!) your examination material.

It has been successfully used by Psychology for 4 years and we’re now releasing the tool to the rest of the University.

Find the new ‘EEI’ tab in your department admin page.

New features coming over the next few months include:

  • The ability to customise the email sent out to students / staff when students miss a session
  • The ability to create a custom register from a subset of your module students e.g. for different tutor groups
  • A direct interface with the syllabus system so you can edit your module information directly in eFolio, rather than going to
  • A new wordpress plugin for creating an ‘Activity Box’ if you’re using eFolio to present module content
  • A new wordpress plugin that will allow students to present their CV or profile information easily on a wordpress page. That should complete eFolio as a proper ePortfolio tool 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions – keep them coming.

Alex and the eFolio team.

eFolio upgrade Complete

We’ve now completed the eFolio upgrade.

There are some significant under the hood changes that you may not notice at first, but hopefully the single sign on to wordpress will help.

If you notice any anomlies please contact ASAP so we can troubleshoot.

Many thanks for your patience during the upgrade.

Alex, Lisha and the eFolio team