Overview of Modules

There are ten modules:

  • PSYC6082  Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology which covers the role of the clinical psychologist within and outside the UK and develops your understanding of different ways of conceptualising mental health problems
  • PSYC6083 Fundamentals of therapeutic skills which covers basic counselling skills and skills in developing and managing a therapeutic alliance, looking at multi-cultural issues.
  • PSYC6104 Introduction to CBT Theory and Skills provides a basic grounding in assessment, formulation, intervention and evaluation from a CBT perspective
  • PSYC6114 CBT for anxiety and depression which covers core competencies in the delivery of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for anxiety and depression and introduces Third Wave CBT models. Cross cultural issues are considered.
  • PSYC6081 Leadership and Management which covers leadership and management skills, planning a service and working in teams
  • PSYC6022 MSc dissertation
  • RESM6012 Designing research
  • RESM6009 Qualitative methods
  • RESM6010 Group comparisons
  • RESM6011 Correlational methods

The research modules cover the essentials of conducting research through interview, questionnaire, observation and experimentation.

Please click on the links for details of module content, teaching and assessment methods.

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