Career Prospects

Students who complete the MSc are eligible to apply to study for a PhD at Southampton University. Funding would still need to be sought for further study and the university can provide information on possible sources of funding. Completion of a PhD would take another three years.

Studying for the MSc in the Foundations of Clinical Psychology demonstrates that students are capable of undertaking postgraduate study, have developed research skills and have demonstrated a commitment to pursuing a profession in Clinical Psychology. All these factors are helpful when applying to study for Doctoral training in Clinical Psychology, although students all have to go through the competitive selection process .

Students of the MSc acquire transferable skills useful in the market place and part of the Programme teaching covers the identification of these skills. Career paths for previous students include several gaining places on Doctoral Programmes in Clinical Psychology, one gaining a place on the Doctoral Programme in Counselling Psychology, others studying for PhDs with the University of Southampton, the World Health Organisation, Institute of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh, University of Warwick and University of Glasgow several gaining jobs as assistant psychologists or psychological wellbeing practitioners. International students have gone on to pursue work related to  Clinical Psychology in the Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Taiwan, the Cayman Islands, China and the USA. Roles include providing support to asylum seekers and refugees in NGOs in Turkey and Egypt, a junior lecturer in Zambia and an Assistant educational psychologist in the Cayman Islands.

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