Programme Structure and Curriculum

The MSc Programme extends over one full academic year. The taught component of the programme extends over two semesters taking place on two days a week in Semester One, plus three extra days in November and  teaching on two days per week in Semester 2.  Once the RESM module in Semester 2 has finished, teaching will be on one day a week.  MSc students will have the University holidays. Students are expected to attend at least 80% of teaching for each module. The fact that students may live at a distance will not be an acceptable excuse for non-attendance.

The MSc is a full-time programme and some tutorial and seminar teaching may also be scheduled on other days. Students need to be willing to meet with their supervisors on days other than Mondays and Tuesdays during the summer period when they are working on their dissertations.  Students are expected to attend the Postgraduate Conference in June.  On days of the week when lectures are not scheduled, students will be expected to work in the library, engage in practical work and placement activities, attend tutorials and seminars in and outside the School and arrange study groups. Students who are in employment are expected to make sure that this does not interfere with their ability to meet the academic demands of the Programme.

The programme content is arranged overall in 10 modules which in total attract the 180 credit points required for Masters (M) level study in Higher Education. Each module has a separate credit rating which indicates the notional amount of study effort required through attendance at University teaching sessions or in independent study.

Students are expected to complete all elements of the Programme. Students who are not eligible for the award on an MSc may be considered for a Postgraduate Diploma following successful completion of 60 ECTS of taught provision.

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