Does my eFolio have a bearing on my final grade?

No. In early years you should uploaded the required evidence and discuss this with your personal tutor at your Personal Professional Development Review (PPDR). The Personal Development Plan (PDP) you make with the tutor as a result of this discussion must be uploaded as evidence that the review has occurred.  Students who do not attend a PPDR and upload a completed PDP for two consecutive years are issued with a Notice of Concern letter, as we treat this is an example of poor professional behaviour. This must be declared when completing your ‘Transfer of Information’ form in Final Year which is then passed to their Foundation School.

In the final two years of your course eFolio will be reviewed by a team including clinical academics and if satisfactory, will be signed off as complete, there is no mark or grade awarded.

A complete eFolio is a condition of graduation and you will NOT graduate without it even if you pass all other components of the Final Year course.

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