What competencies do I need to get signed off each year? And what should I upload as evidence?

Each year you will be required to upload a series of sign off sheets and reflections to your eFolio. Our aim is to give you practice in the skills necessary to complete a portfolio by the end of your Final Year which not only contains clear evidence of your clinical competence (as mandated by the GMC) but also a collection of meaningful reflections which will underpin your learning and experiences. This will form the basis for your professional portfolio during Foundation Training.

A list of the current requirements for 2019-20:

Evidence Requirements 2019-20

A section specific to your year of study will be available for uploading evidence so that sheets can be attached where relevant. These sections will remain in your eFolio so you can refer back to them if necessary. They will help you to demonstrate your learning curve as you progress from beginner/novice to experienced.


Each year we will ask you to upload and series of reflections on your experiences either in gaining clinic skills or more general situation such as working in a team. The ability to reflect in a clear and meaningful way will not only improve your learning experience but also help you to become competent and safe practitioner. There is more information regarding reflection in the Resources Section and in further FAQs. Self assessment can also be used as evidence in your eFolio and it is useful because it is important to develop a sense of your own abilities and limitations. Working independently as a doctors, it is vital that you know what you can and can’t do, and when to ask for help.

By the end of your Final Year you must provide evidence of clinical competence in order to graduate.


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