Your Private Journal

You can think of your journal as a personal diary – you are the only person who can view your entries unless you “publish” them, so this is completely private. Use it to record any interesting encounters with patients, practitioners, or anything else you think may be worth noting down. In order to help you with this we’ve created some categories of Journal Entries for you e.g.

– Patient Encounter
– Clinical : A case discussion
– Educational : Teaching session
– Professionalism : Professional conversation

There are two types of Journal Entries

a) A regular journal entry
b) A reflective journal entry

Use the regular entries for day to day experiences and for copying reflective accounts that you have already completed as part of an assignment or placement. Be aware that some tasks require a specific ‘Reflective’ entry as evidence. In these cases you can use a Reflective Journal entry which contains a template to help guide you through the process and make your reflections more meaningful.


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