How do I ensure that my Personal Performance Development Review (PPDR) is recorded in eFolio?

All medical students (except those in Final Year) need to have an annual PPDR (a full set of guidelines can be found at bottom of page). You should follow the steps below to ensure you record this important meeting in your eFolio:

1. You should contact your tutor to agree the date, time, location for your review (PPDR).

2. Login to eFolio, download the ‘PPDR Form’ from the ‘Useful Documents’ list.

3. Complete the first section of this form; This will help you think about what has gone well and not so well during the year either email it to your tutor prior to your review or take it with you.

4. During your review your tutor will discuss the coming academic year and your learning aims and objectives. You will complete a Personal Development Plan with the help of your tutor. This should set out how you plan to address any potential learning needs. Your tutor will need to sign this

5. After the review has taken place and your PDP has been completed and signed please upload this document to your eFolio under the appropriate heading in the ‘My Skills’ section.

PPDR Guidelines

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