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Checks and Maintenance


Regularly look at the equipment to ensure it is not damaged in any way.faulty-lead


Ensure the cable running from the coil to the processor is not becoming brittle or cracked and replace it if necessary. A spare lead is always issued to patients.


Ensure the rechargeable batteries are rotated for use so that one is not used all the time. Rechargeable batteries will start to use their charge after they have been used for a number of years. If this happens please contact the implant centre for replacements. If you have a problem try to identify which battery it is or whether the problem is with the battery charger itself.  These can then be replaced as required.


The processor should be placed in a drying box regularly (at least once a week) and after every time it is worn in a damp / wet environment. This will prevent the microphone degarding in quality over time due to moisture damage.

Checking the skin under the magnet

The coil has a magnet which holds it in place on the head. The strength of this magnet can be changed if necessary. However it is very important that the magnet is not too strong. It can cause redness, soreness and skin problems which can become serious if left. It is therefore a good idea to check that the implant user’s skin is healthy under the magnet on a weekly basis. If any of the following is present please contact the implant service for advice:

  • Redness
  • Soreness
  • Burning
  • Pain Swelling


Microphone covers

Some of the processors have covers on the processor microphones in order to collect dirt and dust. These need to be replaced on average every 3 months. Patients will be shown how to do this when the equipment is issued to them, and they are provided with replacement covers. Replacement microphone covers can be obtained from the implant centre by contacting our spares and repairs hotline.

Changing microphone covers

CochlearAdvanced BionicsMED-EL
Nucleus 5 (CP810) Processors

Nucleus 6 (CP910) Processors

Nucleus 7 (CP1000)


The Neptune processor does not have microphone covers to change.

Naida (Q70 and Q90) Processors

OPUS-2 processors do not have microphone covers to change.

SONNET Processor


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