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Preparing for Exams

a-hand-writing-1238539Preparing the student

  1. Make sure students understand exam language
    • explain, consider, discuss – what is the question asking you to do?
  2. Ensure they are clear about what they will need to revise and where to look for resources to help
  3. Ensure they know when and where the exams are


Preparing the exam

  • Special arrangements and how to get them in place – these may be:
    • Modified papers,
    • Readers,
    • Additional time,
    • Scribes,
    • BSL interpreters,
    • MFL transcripts/live voice
  • THESE OFTEN NEED TO BE IN PLACE LONG BEFORE THE EXAM – some boards only allow these measures if they are the norm for the student. Also if the student is not used to them it could cause confusion.


  1. teen examWill they be in the main exam hall with other students?
    • If it is someone with different support needs (e.g. who needs a reader, or regular breaks) this may be distracting
  2. The student might want to be with friends and the same as everyone else
  3. Will they be in a separate, quiet room?
    • There will be less distractions (e.g. if they have extra time they won’t be disturbed when everyone else leaves).
    •  You can then find a quieter room (better acoustics, less background noise).


Check with your exam board for the arrangements your student may be entitled to and how/when to apply for them.


Key concepts