The University of Southampton

Adults with cochlear implants


There is no age limit to implantation, the oldest patient implanted at the centre so far was 92.  Implants as we have already heard can make a huge difference to a persons quality of life and independence.  However it can take some time to adjust to the sound and there is a huge variation in outcomes.  When meeting an implant user for the first time it is best not to assume anything.

People with cochlear implants will use all sorts of different methods of communication; e.g. British Sign Language (BSL), Signed Supported English (SSE), lip-reading etc and USAIS supports all options. Adult cochlear implant users receive a huge amount of support in the first year or more following implantation. USAIS consists of a team of professionals from different disciplines to help patients reach their full hearing potential with their implants.

It is vital that people can communicate their needs and interact with others without frustration. This presentation will help you understand why there is a huge variation in outcomes and how you can help optimise the listening environment for the implant user to hear as well as possible.

Key concepts